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Deepak Chawla
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While the race goes on...
By Deepak Chawla | 25th Aug, 2021 | Race

It was one of the coldest mornings of December ever experienced in Mumbai! The sun was struggling to break through the fading fog of the early morning hours. Hundreds of primary school children in whites adorned with accessories of colors that represented the school-houses they belonged to had aligned themselves in well set arrays, waiting to perform their respective tasks as soon as the Chief Guest arrived.

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Now is the time...
By Deepak Chawla | 25th Aug, 2021 | Time

We are all well familiar that Vision Statements, Business Plan, Goals etc are key building blocks for setting directions of any enterprise. These direction setters are then dovetailed with planning and execution to achieve the desired results. And then if required, mid-way corrections and interventions are introduced to set things on the desired track. At the end of the plan period, the goals may at times may not have been achieved due to factors both within and beyond our control.